Jet Washing

Jet Washing

We are pleased to announce that Mops and Buckets have recently added Jetwashing to our array of services for both our domestic and commercial customers.

Jetwashing areas are primarily driveways, patios and decking but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other areas you would like jetwashed.

We clean off various amounts of moss/weeds and lichen and general dirt to ensure a clean look.

We use a surface cleaner, which is a rotary washer head set at ground level and used in conjunction with our pressure washing unit. The surface cleaner skirt contains any over spray and directs the water flow more precisely to the surface that is being cleaned.

After pressure washing a driveway we re-sand with kiln-dried sand. If the area is not not re-sanded you may risk the blocks moving around which can cause damage to the driveway made worse when vehicles drive on it.  

Please get in touch for all your jet washing needs!